About us

  1. Varnals Accounting Technicians Limited has over 25 years, experience within the accounting industry.
  2. VAT Limited is a small practice run by Wayne Varnals the owner of the company and his small team of book-keepers and accounts staff.
  3. VAT Limited is a firm of bookkeepers & accountants working across all areas of London.
  4. Our clients vary from freelancers & self-employed, sole traders/individuals, new start- ups & small businesses, to SME and limited companies.

We listen

We provide an initial consultation free of charge at the beginning to each potential new client. We call it “Getting to know you, and your business”.

At this meeting is our opportunity to listen to your personal and business needs. It allows us to explain what we can do for you and your business.

We get to know each client/company on individual basis and work alongside them to understand each business and it’s, requirements personally as no two businesses are the same no matter if they are in the same sector/industry.

The more we know about your business, the easier it is to set up systems in place to make your accounting requirements run more smoothly so that you can concentrate on your business and making the sales/income higher, as your business grows in the future.

Attention to detail

We make sure you don’t miss your deadlines with HMRC & Companies House, vat returns, year-end accounts, and corporation tax returns, self-assessments, are processed on time. This also helps you avoid unnecessary fines and penalties, with these agencies, and to concentrate on your business.

  • At VAT Ltd we offer a unique service where each individual/company is treated and respected like they would expect with any face to face contact/sale.
  • We work outside the normal hours you get from most companies and never work 9 to 5. We aim to provide a 100% customer first service to each client.
  • We provide a friendly and flexible service which enables clients to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting requirements in a cost effective and organised way.
  • We are professional, trustworthy and passionate about working with small businesses, freelancers, individual, self-employed, and new start- ups and always give 100%.

With our clients we build up relationships with them and they become more friends, then, just clients over the time we spend dealing with them.

Most clients retain us and remain with us, as their company grows. In turn they also actively recommend us to friends who are starting up new companies or looking to outsource their accounting/bookkeeping services as they are unable to do this or have the time themselves to do the paperwork.